How Important Is Boiler Cleaning And Repair?

How often do you think about your boiler? The answer is probably not very frequently if it is working well.

The problem is that if you don’t pay your boiler some attention now and then, you may end up with a costly emergency. You also could end up doing without heating and hot water when you need it most.

The truth is that maintaining your boiler is essential for avoiding an emergency. It is best not to ignore your boiler until it’s too late.

Arranging an annual service can quickly pay for itself if it keeps your boiler in good condition. Here are some reasons why boiler cleaning and repair are essential.

Spot Boiler Problems Early with an Annual Service

A big advantage of having an annual boiler service is to give an engineer the chance to identify any potential problems early. Fixing them before they grow into a larger issue can prevent further damage.

Remember that you don’t only need your boiler in winter for heating. You also use it daily for hot water.

The problem is that a small problem may not be apparent to you during the summer months when your boiler isn’t working so hard. Come winter, a minor issue could become more significant and cause a full breakdown of your central heating system.

Getting your boiler serviced is the perfect way to identify those little niggles and sort them out before they become more severe difficulties.

An Annual Service to Keep your Boiler Going for Longer

When your budget is tight, it might seem like a good idea to avoid an annual service to save some money. This could be a false economy.

By keeping your boiler in good repair and carrying out repairs before the job becomes more serious, you can often save money on parts and labour.

Avoiding extensive repairs will ensure that your boiler stays in good condition for longer, and you won’t need to think about replacing it too soon.

Annual Servicing Under Warranty

Most new boilers come with a five or ten-year warranty to cover breakdown costs. However, if you check, you will often find that the warranty will only cover repairs if you have had an annual service by a registered provider.

It really is one of those situations where the cost of an annual service visit could save you the cost of replacing a boiler should it go wrong. Take action and set up a regular service today, so you don’t void the warranty!

An Annual Service can Improve Energy Efficiency

Everyone in the UK is worried about rising energy prices, so any way you can make your boiler more efficient has to be a good thing.

Your annual service ensures your boiler is clean and working well. A little tuning and minor repairs will often maintain the boiler’s efficiency, which will keep your energy costs as low as possible.

As your boiler ages, you can expect it not to perform as efficiently as when it was new. Using an experienced, qualified plumber and heating engineer will help to keep it in good working order and operating as efficiently as possible.

As well as reducing the strain on your pocket, you can feel good that keeping your boiler efficient is a great way to contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.

Why is it important to get your boiler cleaned?

The simple answer is that a clean boiler will operate more efficiently than a dirty one. A dirty boiler will make your energy bills rocket.

A dirty boiler can also make your home cooler in winter because it will not be able to produce as much heat.

Your central heating system is filled with water which over time can leak, corrode pipes or cause limescale. This corrosion leads to a buildup of sludge.

Limescale is created when steam mixes with hard water, which will harm the boiler’s working parts. It can also lead to overheating, which risks breakdown or even an explosion.

Cleaning involves running chemicals through the heating system to descale the parts and pipes and keep all the components working efficiently and safely.

A well maintained clean boiler can last for many years without any problems, providing you with heat and hot water efficiently.

Boiler Repair and Cleaning to Keep You Safe

In the UK, you will find safety regulations regarding the safety of boilers. Gas appliances have risks associated with explosions, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

As part of a service, a gas engineer will thoroughly check and test your boiler to ensure it is maintaining its integrity.

Keeping your boiler in good repair and cleaning will ensure that your household or business premises are safe from any problems. It will also pick up faults early enough to prevent future accidents.

While homeowners are not legally obliged to get a gas safety certificate, landlords must obtain an annual check on their gas appliances and give their tenants an updated gas safety record. This is a requirement of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

What is the best way to clean and repair your boiler?

Gas boilers are not something that homeowners can clean and repair themselves due to safety regulations.

For your family’s safety and to keep your boiler in its best condition, you should consider setting up an annual service with a reputable heating company. Establishing a regular schedule is the best way to ensure that you do not forget.

Businesses can also set up regular servicing to ensure they meet safety regulations for their premises.

Ensure the company you approach is gas safety certified with trained engineers for the best service. You want them to prioritise safety and high standards.

If you want to have peace of mind and keep your boiler clean and in good repair, contact Roma Heating today to set up a regular service. As a family business based in Milton Keynes, with over 30 years of experience, we can offer you a high-quality, safe service. If the worst happens, and you need an urgent repair, we will endeavour to send out an engineer as soon as possible.

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